11/16 | Pamela M. Lee: On Think Tank Aesthetics [response: Steven Chung]

Pamela M. Lee
“On Think Tank Aesthetics: Mid-Century Modernism, the Cold War and the Neoliberal Present”
[response: Steven Chung]

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 @5pm ET
Online Event [register here]

We continue to live in the Cold War, in spite of our collective obsession with all things new and contemporary. This is as true for discussions of art as it is for geopolitics. In Think Tank Aesthetics, Pamela M. Lee looks to these shadowy institutions during the Cold War as sites of radical creativity and interdisciplinary practice in the service of defense strategy. In four chapters detailing the “operational” aesthetics that emerged from the RAND Corporation as well as other associated institutions, she traces the multiple and overlapping networks between nuclear strategists, mathematicians, economists, anthropologists, artists, designers and art historians.

Pamela M. Lee is Carnegie Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art at Yale University. She is the author of The Glen Park Library: A Fairy Tale of Disruption (No Place Press) and New Games: Postmodernism after Contemporary Art (Routledge)among other books.

Steven Chung is associate professor in East Asian Studies at Princeton University, where his current research tracks the circulation and reconfiguration of audiovisual technologies throughout Cold War in East and Southeast Asias. He is the author of Split Screen Korea: Shin Sang-ok and Postwar Cinema (2014).